Surgery Testimonial

Surgery Testimonial

Mymedicalvacations To whom it may concern:

I would like to express my appreciation for the marvelous customer service care that I received from Cecilia Saucedo during my recent stay in Cancun for my tummy tuck surgery.

Despite complications on my end that caused delay for my surgery, Cecy gave 110% of effort to ensure that my various needs were being met. She kept a positive attitude even when it seemed impossible to share it with her. She made me feel comfortable mentally, emotionally, and physically. Paying constant attention to my needs and spent a lot of time into getting to know me as a person, and what I enjoyed most to be able to provide the best comforts of home for me while I was so far away from my comfort zone.

She never once improvised on her effort towards my care to make her job easier and always arrived on time, offering to stay as long as I needed her, and willing to make a list of items that I would need or want upon her next arrival. She never made me feel like a burden, or just another part of her job.

What really blew me away was, when I needed to return home unexpectedly, she expressed her and the company’s feelings, liabilities, and discretions to me but immediately took me to the office to help me work out the travel plans with Andres. After a flight had been found she rushed me back to my hotel, helped me pack really quickly, talked the hotel into refunding most of my money, that would be used to pay for additional price on my airline ticket, and when we arrived at airport, she talked them out of charging me the extra service fee on my ticket and got me first class treatment with wheelchair attention that was waiting for me at both airports on and off the plane and baggage help.

She is an exceptional employee and represents mymedicalvacation well, and an amazing person in general. She has contacted me a couple times since I have been home to check on my recovery, which is very aprreciated! Jennifer R. Green

Surgery Testimonial

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